The One Love Story
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"The Journal"
Piece painted that started a career in the Arts.
The year was 2012. I could not eat well. I could not sleep well. I could not mingle without weeping for the world and all the hurt and injustices I saw. I just could not stop crying for weeks upon weeks until I woke one morning and laid there thinking that I had to do something. I did not want to cry, I wanted to offer help and heal the hurt in the world.
Being an artist I knew what I could do.
I laid there thinking on it heavily. What is it that will carry a message? Birds carry messages, yes! Love Birds, yes! I envision them coming together making a heart. One Love. And the words will invoke love too, yes! Got it!
Now to use the canvas and pour my concerns onto it.
And then again I could not eat well, I could not sleep well, I could not mingle for I was engulfed creating a remedy. Love. All I could do was think about where my next line would go, where the next brush stroke would go, what shape the letters could be, where to put the letters, where to put the doves and all the colors. I was engulfed with it, consumed with its' message as the tears were lifting away.
I named it One Love. I gazed at it and no longer felt the need to cry, but, smiled instead.
My friends, I offer to you, yours, Earth and Universe, “One Love”. One Love was hung in the living room. There, it drew interest from a visitor. He fell in love with it and pointed it out several times saying, “You don't know what you have there”. He became a potential partner that could invest financially the way I could not. We talked about producing posters, postcards, stickers, coffee cups, etc. He suggests a vertical version for the purpose of a poster. Happily I spent 2-3 weeks painting a vertical as suggested. I began searching domain names for the future web site he talks about. It felt good to work on a mission of love and I sighed with relief to have a backer that was able to financially forgo the expenses of seed monies and it inspired me to designed a postcard. One person remarked on the postcard, “You gave it legs!” I was amazed at that as it was so profound. I did give One Love legs! It could go anywhere now! I was ecstatic. I also felt the partner believed in the message as much as I did, but, soon afterwards the partner vanished.
A website was built.
The Atlanta Police Department liked the image and asked for enough hand signed posters to distribute to the stations. I was jumping with excitement! I delivered the posters to the Atlanta Police Departments Headquarters located downtown. All that were present took pictures as I presented them the posters and received a coin medal of recognition. It was intoxicating!
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On a quest to share this heart warming image with the world. I hope to accomplish the feat of making “One Love” a well known call and challenge for the world to come together and plant a seed of love.
The One Love Story
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