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Introducing the ever so Important Best on the Planet Zeolite
One Love Prints and One Love Studios of Atlanta
now offer Zeolite for the betterment of health.

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Taking Zeolite is a must these days with all the nano particles we know exist in our air, water and land through chemtrails and more. Remember the speech by Charlie Chaplin? We are not machines, we are human and need a way to rid ourselves of these toxic metals. A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage plus 4 sprays of Extra Strength in the morning and the same at night will do just that, protect us from the chemtrail and more metals. It acts like a magnet to metals and radiation.
The above middle picture shows part of why we need Zeolite. It shows the metallic Chemtrail dirt collected from a brand new table outside for 3 weeks. This is from only the rim, not the whole table. You, I and our loved ones are not only breathing this stuff, but, it falls on the foods and falls in the waters. We are walking antennas for mind control by keeping this in our bodies as our organs cannot be pushed to detox all we have, and so, we have built up a collection of nano particles that we need to rid of. We need a clear head too.
Are products lab tested?
Yes! All ingredients undergo stringent quality assurance testing before they ever get close to the bottle. This protocol includes testing to verify they are very low in any heavy metals.Our zeolite products undergo a proprietary cleansing process to remove any existing pollutants and the finished product is tested at an independent laboratory to verify its purity. Zeolite test results are available for viewing by clicking here.
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